I am Diane, a young lady from the Ivory Coast who studied in California for a while but is back home

I'm a pretty simple girl with a very intricate mind. 

Dee-Vine Anonyme started in 2011, with the sole purpose of expressing my thoughts and share personal stuff. Now 5 years later it has grown to something so much bigger and wider in terms of content. From fashion, to beauty, to random stuff. And everything is written in both in English and French

I wouldn't put my style in a specific category, I am still evolving; however if I had to pick two words to define it I would say fun and colorful! Which is why it's great to have a platform like this that allows me to observe this evolution.

Welcome to my blog. Seat back, relax, and enjoy the reading :)

Je suis Diane, une jeune demoiselle originaire de Cote D'Ivoire , qui a étudié en Californie et en récemment rentrée au pays.

Je suis assez simple mais avec un esprit tres complique.

DeeVine Anonyme est ne en 2011 avec pour seul objectif d'etre une plateforme pour exprimer mes pensees. 5 ans plus tard il est devenu bien plus que ca, et a beaucoup grandit en terme de contenu, passant de la mode, a la beaute, et autres. Le tout en Anglais et en Francais.

Je ne pourrais pas definir mon style parce que je suis en constante evolution, par contre si je devais choisir deux mots je dirais fun et colore! Et c'est d'autant plus interessant d'avoir cette plateforme pour pouvoir observer cette evolution constante

Bienvenue sur mon blog. Mettez vous a l'aise et appreciez la lecture :)

Disclaimer: Any products marked with c/o or an asterisk* have been gifted to me. Any reviews I make reflect my personal opinion.

Well Dee is one of my nicknames, Anonyme means anonymous in French. I basically played with my name and the word divine that I like, so I ended up with dee-vine :)
Dee-Vine Anonyme represents me being totally anonymous in the fashion world but still staying myself and sharing bits of me with you.

Which Camera do I use?
I use a Nikon D3100

How Do You Get The Color In Your Hair To Be So Bright?
I bleached it before dying it.

Do You Get Damage?
So far not really. I deep condition every week, do protein treatment every 2 months, and I moisturize as much as possible. I think all of this, helped.

What Are Your Favorite Places To Shop?
Following my blog you might have noticed that I am crazy for Forever 21!
I also love H&M, Zara, GoJane, Urban Outfitters but there are many others.

Any other questions feel free to ask and I will update :)

Ps: Negativity is not allowed in here, in any shape and form

Thanks for the visit! See you soon :)

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