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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hey pandas :*
 Today's lip is from Lime Crime and is among the first lipsticks I bought from the brand. It's called Serpentina.
Disclaimer: I know there has been some controversy with the brand, and I respect people's opinion not to buy from them, however since I do own some of their product and actually like them, I'm going to share them in here. If you do not support them, good for you! If you do, well enjoy the post :)
 Le ral d'aujourd'hui est de Lime Crime et fait parti des premiers rals que j'ai achete de cette gamme et s'appelle Serpentina.
Disclaimer: Je sais qu'il y'a eu de la controverse avec Lime Crime, et je respecte l'opinion de ceux/celles qui ont decide de ne plus acheter chez eux, par contre vu que je possede quelques uns de leurs produits et que je les utilise assez souvent, je vais les partager ici. Si vous n'etes pas fan de la gamme, c'est bien! Si au contraire ca ne vous derange pas, enjoy l'article :)

  This is how Lime Crime describe Serpentina
"Lime Crime Serpentina Opaque Lipstick, being sinister never looked so good. This emerald green lipstick is packed with bright popping pigment and has a truly opaque finish with a hint of metallic shine for an extra punch. Ya only needed one coat to get full coverage and it lasts for 3-4 hours, and ya can wear it alone as a statement shade, or layer over other lipsticks to cool down the tone. It will never dry out either, and runs on super smooth, so no need for lip liners, or worries about bleed lines, so ya can shock ‘em with yer lips, not yer mouth.
Vegan Formula" 

While making this post I actually noticed that they are no longer selling these lipsticks on their website :/ Only one color available and it's a yellow one. So I apologize in advance for those of you who might like it :/ Maybe on Amazon or eBay though. 
Voici comment Lime Crime decrit leur Serpentina
"Rouge a Levres opaque Lime Crime Serpentina, etre sinistre n'a jamais ete aussi bien. Ce rouge a levres vert emeraude est plein de pigments vibrants et a un fini vraiment opaque avec un soupcon de brillance metallique pour un punch supplementaire. Vous n'avez besoin que d'une seule couche pour avoir une couvrance totale et une duree de 3-4 heures, et vous pouvez le porter seul ou au dessus d'autres rals pour attenuer la couleur. Il ne s'assechera jamais non plus, et est super doux, donc pas besoin de crayons a levres ou d'inquietudes par rapport a des lignes qui debordent. Vous pouvez les choquer avec vos levres, pas votre bouche.
Formule vegan" (traduction approximative)

Par contre j'ai realise en faisant cet article qu'ils ne vendent plus ce ral sur leur site :/ Il y'a juste une couleur et c'est un jaune. Alors je m'excuse d'avance pour celles qui aimeront la couleur :/ On doit probablement pouvoir le trouver sur Amazon ou eBay je pense.


  The packaging is the typical lipstick tube. Except this one is pink and it has a silver unicorn logo on the cap. It also with Lime Crime written in Silver on the bottom part of the tube.
Le packaging est le tube de ral typique. Sauf que celui la est rose et a un logo de licorne sur le capuchon. Il y'a egalement Lime Crime ecrit en argent sur le tube.


  Serpentina is described as an "Emerald Green". It is a beautiful dark green with a metallic sheen. It is pretty pigmented, however it's pretty slippery so I had to apply many coats to get a fully opaque color. The texture is creamy, a little bit patchy. The application wasn't the easiest, it was actually a bit annoying because the lipstick broke so it was quite a mess, but after I was able to apply it it was fine. When you first apply it's pretty glossy too but if you blot it it gets a lil less shiny.
Serpentina est decrit comme un "Vert Emeraude". C'est un joli vert fonce avec une brillance metallique. Il est plutot pigmente, par c'est assez glissant et donc il m'a fallu plusieurs couches pour obtenir une couleur opaque. La texture est cremeuse. L'application n'etait pas la plus facile, c'etait assez agacant mais bon apres ca ca allait. Apres application c'est assez brillant surtout apres plusieurs couches, mais si vous tapotez avec un mouchoir ca brille moins.


  It's okay in terms of comfort, what I actually didn't like about it is that after applying it felt tingling for a couple minutes and it wasn't really pleasant. After that it was okay, even though it felt like I had a lot of product on the lips so I had to blot a few times to be satisfied. It's not transfer-proof so the lasting power isn't that great, around 4 hours I would say, however if you eat or drink it might come off before that. I wear it by itself.
En terme de comfort c'est okay, un truc que je n'ai pas apprecie c'est le fait qu'apres application ca picotait pendant 2 minutes et c'etait pas tres agreable. Apres ca ca allait, meme si j'ai du tapoter avec un mouchoir pour enlever l'exces de matiere avant d'etre satisfaite. Il n'est pas sans transfer et donc la duree n'est pas la meilleure, a peu pres 4 heures je dirais, par contre si vous mangez ou vous prenez a boire c'est possible que ca parte avant ca. Je le porte tout seul en general.


Probably one of the first reviews where there is going to be more negative than positive. The color is beautiful and fun, but the application is a mess, the lasting power is okay, I'm not a fan of the tingling sensation after applying. For $18 I guess I was expecting better! I have had this lipstick for at least a couple years and I can count on one hand the amount of time I wore it.

Probablement la premiere revue ou il y'aura plus de negatif que de positif. La couleur est belle et fun, mais l'application est agacante, la duree est okay, je ne suis pas fan de la sensation de picotement apres application. Pour $18 je pense que je m'attendais a mieux! Je l'ai depuis au moins 2ans et je peux compter sur une main le nombre de fois que je l'ai porte

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6 Loving Words

  1. Wish I could pull off a green lippie like this. It looks stunning on you :)

  2. I am so loving the green lip! I wish I could pull it off as well as you!

    I actually had to google search the controversy you mentioned because I had never even heard of this brand. And I thought, eh, I'm sure this sort of thing happens sometimes. But you are right, you already have the product, so why not use it.

    Also, I am wondering what causes the tingling feeling. I have some liquid eye liners from Sephora that actually cause a slight burning sensation for a minute or two after application. That can't be good, I don't think. But I really like the way it goes on and the colors I have (plus I was gifted them from a friend), so I keep wearing them anyway. I am not that into make-ups to take the time to research what causes the tingling or burning after application, but I know that you are...maybe you could discover what causes the tingle!


    1. Yea I guess mainly people who bought from the brand before it happened had issues with it. Thankfully I didn't get any problems with them so I don't plan on stopping buying their products.
      And you're right, I should do some research about that tingling!
      Thank you!

  3. I am not sur eI know anyone who could pull off green lips, but girl you can!! Gorgeous!

    xx, Elise


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