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Monday, August 22, 2016

Hey pandas :*
 I hope you're all well. You probably noticed that my posts are so spaced out, I'm kind of in a phase of I don't feel the passion as much as I used to. Before I would take breaks, and after I'll feel motivated, but this time despite the many breaks I took the flame doesn't grow back. Before, even if I wouldn't post I would at least keep up with the many bloggers I follow but even that I barely have time to do that. I seriously hoping that it's a phase because this is something I really enjoy doing and it would be a shame for it to stop like that. I have just decided to go with the flow and when I feel inspired I'll post so bare with me (the few of you who keep reading this blog).

Anyways, today we are back with a new How Would You Wear Challenge, this time the theme is African Inspired. This one was quite easy because when I think about Africa, first thing that comes to my mind is bold and colorful prints. And since I posted almost my favorite African prints on the blog already I decided to wear those pants I got made for work with a simple tube top and this necklace made out of cowries
J'espere que vous allez bien. Vous avez probablement remarque que mes articles sont plutot espaces, je suis dans une phase ou je ne sens plus vraiment la passion de blogguer autant qu'avant. Avant il me suffisait de faire une pause et apres la motivation revenait, mais cette fois malgre toutes les pauses que j'ai pu prendre la flamme ne se rallume pas. Avant meme quand je ne postais pas je continuais malgre tout de rester connectee avec les autres bloggeuses que je suis mais meme ca maintenant c'est un probleme parce que j'ai a peine le temps. J'espere vraiment que c'est juste une phase parce que c'est vraiment quelque chose que j'aime faire et ca serait dommage que ca s'arrete comme ca. J'ai decide de juste continuer avec le flow et poster que quand j'ai l'inspiration donc soyez indulgents (le peu d'entre vous qui lisez ce blog).

Bref, aujourd'hui on est de retour avec un nouveau How Would You Wear Challenge, cette fois-ci le theme est Inspire de L'Afrique. Celui la etait plutot facile parce que quand je pense a l'Afrique je pense aux imprimes colores et audacieux. Et vu que j'ai poste la majorite des imprimes sur le blog, j'ai decide de porter ce pantalon qu'on a fait faire pour travailler avec un simple top noir et ce collier de cauris.

Top: Forever 21
Pants: Custom Made
Shoes: Ross

Check the other ladies below!

Grace | Classy Culture
Esther | Style Krush
Sarah | Princess Audu
Diane | DeeVine Anonyme

Last but not least you ladies noticed that I started linkups not too long ago and I love it because it really is a great way to discover bloggers. Today I have the opportunity to co-host Rachel from Garay Treasures' linkup. She is among the bloggers I discovered through linking up and I really enjoy the different content she provides and the fact that she is so open to co-hosting!
Pour terminer vous avez remarque que j'ai commence les linkups il n'y a pas trop longtemps et j'aime beaucoup parce que c'est un moyen de decouvrir des bloggeuses. Aujourd'hui j'ai l'opportunite d'etre la co-hote du linkup de Rachel du blog Garay Treasures. Elle fait partie des bloggeuses que j'ai decouvert par les linkups et j'apprecie vraiment la variete de contenu de son blog et le fait qu'elle soit tellement ouverte a des co-hotes!

Now for "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me" link up Rachel of Garay Treasures blog:
 Rachel is a former full time preschool special education teacher turned full time stay-at- home mom of four children with a passion for substitute teaching and blogging at Garay Treasures on the side. Garay Treasures is a fashion and lifestyle blog with some added posts on faith and everyday treasures. Rachel loves drinking several cups of coffee a day (hot or iced), blogging, and reading and playing with her children.
You can follow Rachel by bloglovin, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

 Meet your Co-Host Diane of DeeVine Anonyme: 11 My name is Diane, a 20 something-year-old lady from Cote D'Ivoire (West Africa) who loves coffee, lipsticks, to draw, read and blog. I've been blogging for five years now. My posts are mainly fashion and beauty related. This is my blog link DeeVine Anonyme.
I am also on Bloglovin, Instagram,Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter

 Now on to the Featured 5 from last week:. IMG_7065 Becky looks amazing in this date night outfit. I could say a hundred good things about this look, but check it out for yourself here. IMG_0433 Laura is stunning in this sleeveless portifino blouse. I love how the blouse softens the edge in the sandals and distressed jeans. (post here). IMG_1877 I love Mackenzies reminder to take some time away and just be with God or give ourselves a break from the worry and stresses of life. See more here and how she did that. tips-for-looking-beautiful-without-makeup25 Laura gives good tips on staying beautiful and without makeup to do that. Post here. 5-accessories-every-girl-needs-9 Ana shares 5 accessories every girl needs that I couldn't agree more on, see those 5 here.
Now it is your turn, please follow the rules below and enjoy!
1). Please link up recent posts and include the link up button or post this URL link back on your blog. The posts can be about fashion, DIY projects, recipes, inspiration, tips, etc. *If you link up other link ups or giveaways please be sure you share this link up on your link up post to share the blog love and I will be sure to link up to yours. Also please follow me in the below social medias and let me know how you are following and I will follow back. Thank you! 2). Please follow your host: Rachel of Garay Treasures either by Bloglovin, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or all. Comment below and let me know how you are following so I can follow back. 3). Stop by and check out the other bloggers who have linked up and be inspired. 4). Have fun! Comment below if you have any questions! Thanks for linking up!
To link up it would be great if you linked my button to your post that you link up. Get button code below:
Garay Treasures

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9 Loving Words

  1. Beautiful pants, love the print Diane. I am sorry you have been through a phase, hopefully you continue to get inspiration and continue to share your mind, style and passions in life with the "internet" world. Thanks again for co-hosting.
    Rachel xo

  2. gorg outfit. the other ladies are just as pretty!

  3. Girl I do hope you get back your passion from blogging because you were one of the first few bloggers I started following when I joined the blogsphere. I love the trousers as well, I see we went with similar styling with a black top.
    Princess Audu

  4. thanks for co-hosting. Post whenever you feel inspired, don't ever feel like you have to.

  5. I love all the African styles from the HWYW challenge! I love your pants those are so gorgeous!

  6. Please do not stop girl! I am sure you have a new outfit every other day. Plus your looks are getting better. I would hate to see you leaving the scene. Is there something new you are pursuing?

  7. Looking good, mum and I love your pants.x

  8. Those pants are gorgeous, the print is so fun and unique! I think getting "blogger burnout" is a real thing and everyone gets it--I think it's good that you're giving yourself breaks and not worrying too much about it!

  9. Diane, these pants are fabulous! What a great outfit. I love bold and colorful prints and I always find myself swooning over African prints like this! I really love the elaborate dresses that I have seen in African prints as well. So, so stunning!

    Do stop by and link up with me On the Edge of the Week, if you are feeling up to it! I totally understand the lack of motivation that happens with blogging. And I think just going with the flow is the best way to deal with it! I still check in on your blog on a weekly basis and enjoy seeing what you post!



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