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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Can’t believe this is actually my first post of the month (the other one was scheduled) I hope you’re all doing great! This last trimester has been quite tough on me to be quite honest, especially the last two months. I’m quite stressed with some personal stuff and honestly blogging wasn’t (and still isn’t) my priority right now. You know how stuff don’t go your way and you just want to give up? Yea. Every month we have our HWYW challenge and to be honest I wasn’t planning on participating but today I felt kind of bad, like I’m the one organizing it I should participate. So I dragged myself out of bed and shot these pics. I look extremely tired hence the sunglasses.
Anyways, the theme is sparkle, so I put these shorts I’ve had for a couple of years, and paired them with this peplum top. I like the little gold details on the belt and I thought it looked great with it!
I’m not going to lie I don’t know when my next post is going to be (probably next year) I need to refind the joy and excitement of blogging, because right now it’s not the case. I have to find also a solution to those problems that stress me out. I hope you understand and you will wait for me. 

Je n’arrive pas a croire que c’est mon premier article du mois (l’autre etait programme) J’espere que vous allez bien! Ce dernier trimestre a ete assez dur pour moi pour etre honnete, surtout ces deux derniers mois. Je suis assez stressee avec des trucs personnels et honnetement blogger n’etait pas (et n’ai toujours pas) ma priorite pour l’instant. Vous savez quand rien ne va comme il se devrait et tout ce que tu veux faire c’est abandonner tout? Ouai. Chaque mois on a notre challenge HWYW et honnetement je n’avais pas l’intention de participer mais aujourd’hui je me sentais un peu mal, du genre c’est quand meme moi qui organise le challenge il fallait que je participe. Et donc je me suis force hors de mon lit et j’ai pris ces photos. Je suis extremement fatiguee d’ou les lunettes.
Bref le theme c’est Sparkle, et donc j’ai mis ce short que j’ai depuis quelques annees et je l’ai porte avec ce haut peplum. J’aime bien la touche dore de la ceinture et je trouve que ca va assez bien avec!
Je ne vais pas vous mentir je ne sais pas quand mon prochain article sera (probablement l’annee prochaine) Il faut que je retrouve cette joie et envie de blogger, parce que actu ce n’est pas vraiment le cas. Il faut aussi que je regle ces petits problemes qui me stresse. J’espere que vous comprenez et vous m’attendrez 

And make sure to check the other ladies' post. I will update as they post

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14 Loving Words

  1. I hope all works out well for you girl. Wishing you the best in what you're going through. Thanks for organizing this HWYW.


  2. Hello Diane je comprend totalement ce par quoi tu passe c'est un peu pareil de mon côté j'avoue que quand tu as dis ne pas participer j'ai voulu annuler mon article j'espère vraiment que les choses rentrerons dans l'ordre sinon j'aime beaucoup cette tenue le doré est à l'honneur et tes lunettes sont top bisous :)

    1. Merci beaucoup ma belle, je l'espere aussi.

  3. Being a reader of your blog for so long I can definitely see and sense that something's not right. Take all the time you need and I'll definitely be waiting. Just know that you're not going through the bad times alone and I sincerely hope you find your joy again (and soon) <3

    I adore the shorts especially paired with that peplum top. x

    1. Thank you very much hun, I really appreciate it. <3

  4. I love the sequin shorts.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. I want those shorts!!!

    Take all the time you need, we'll be right here when your spirit is up. Strongs lady!

  6. Hey Diane, I know that I haven't been visiting your blog for a while. I believe it's hard at times to organize an activity and things just didn't turn out the way you've planned. Always try to change things and keep things running fresh. I can understand that it's hard because I've gone through it myself. We pick up our pieces and move on and be a better person. I'm sure there are many things in your life now that's important. Like studies, friendships, family etc. If you would like to step out of blogging for a while and find your inspirations again, we as readers would understand too. Take your time and have fun with life. It's more than just blogging =)

  7. great post :)
    have a nice weekend!

  8. En espérant que tout se passe pour le mieux de ton côté.
    Jolie shirt, jai le même en noir :P

    Une bonne année! Bisous ma belle :-D

  9. i love your post,and thanks for your sharing.

  10. You look fierce girl! :)

  11. I can completely relate to this post. I have had the same feelings for the longest time and it is only now that I decided to just start trying to do the things that I used to enjoy and letting myself experience others. I guess I am learning to accept that things do not always have to be perfect but I need to learn to live joyfully even when they don't. I hope you find that joy back and you will be back to your wonderful blog. You do have an awesome spirit and seem to be such a great soul and you deserve to keep that smile on your face.


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