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Friday, September 25, 2015

 After 3 weeks without blogging I'm back. Kinda. I hope hahaha. It was my birthday this Monday (the 21st) so I went celebrating with my friends. If you follow me on IG (my personal one) you probably saw already :p I'm old guys haha :p

Anyways, I can't believe it's been a year already since I came up with this idea of doing a monthly style challenge (first post here). While some months there were more people than others, I'm grateful to anybody who took part in this challenge so far, I've enjoyed every single one of them and I'm super glad of the people who are still in this challenge with me :)
And those who might be interested you can join the group HERE :)

Anyways, what a better theme to do than the first ever that we did, All-White :)

 Apres 3 semaines sans blogger je suis de retour. A peu pres. J'espere hahaha. Lundi (le 21) c'etait mon anniversaire et je l'ai celebre avec mes amies. Si vous me suivez sur IG (le prive) vous avez deja du voir :p. Je suis veille haha :p

Bref, Je n'arrive pas a croire que ca fait deja un an depuis que j'ai eu cette idee de faire un challenge mensuel (premier article ici). Meme s'il y'a eu des mois ou il y'avait plus de participantes que d'autres, je suis reconnaissante de chacunes des personnes qui ont participe jusqu'a present, j'ai apprecie chacun des themes et je suis super ravie de celles qui continuent jusqu'a present :)
Et celles qui sont interessees vous pouvez rejoindre le groupe ICI :)

Bref, quel meilleur theme que le tout premier qu'on a fait, Tout en blanc :)

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Kohl's

 Thought it would be fun to travel back and look at the previous challenges. If you want to see them all feel free to click HERE

J'ai pense que ca serait fun de retourner un peu en arriere et check les autres challenges. Si vous voulez tous les voir vous pouvez cliquer ICI

And lastly check out the lovely ladies who participated.
I will update the links and pics as they post.

Osy | Style Diary by Osy
Natalie | Life of a CAMEO
Diane | Dee-Vine Anonyme
Louisa | La Passion Voutee
Esther | Style-Krush



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14 Loving Words

  1. This is gorgeous Diane! White and gold are perfect together :)

    Also happy belated birthday! Hope you had a lot of fun , it's kind of like a double birthday celebration lol xxx

    1. Haha you're right, it's kind of a double birthday celebration for me :p
      Thank you hun!

  2. You're resembling a perfect Serena Williams look right now, switch out the slippers for some tennis shoes and leave the top on (just cus ur playing tennis doesn't mean you can't look cute). Thanks for having me a part of this amazing challenge and I cannot wait for me! x

    1. Now that you mentioned it I can see it! Thanks hun and I'm glad you are part of this!! :D xx

  3. Happy belated 21st birthday Hun ! Hope you had a fab time . Loving the White and that figure hugging skirt absolutely suits u.

    1. I wish it was my 21st birthday hahaha, I'm much older :p but thanks hun, glad you like the look :) xx

  4. Aww, how time flies, I wish I had participated for the anniversary but I do look forward to future posts. I love your flatforms girl, gold with white is stunning and happy belated birthday.

    Princess Audu

    1. Yes too bad you couldn't but anyways, I look forward to the future posts as well! And thank you!!

  5. looking girl!!

  6. Somebody else mention Serena and I must a greed! Im in love with your plattforms

  7. joyeux anniversaire à cette collaboration même je n'ai pas tout le temps participé pour une raison ou une autre je suis vraiment contente de le faire avec toi j'espère que cette année je participerais encore plus encore joyeux anniversaire à toi j'aime trop tes chaussures elles ont l'air si confortable. Cette tenue est cute bisous :)

    1. Merci ma belle, Oui dommage mais on espere plus de participation cette annee :D


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