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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

This is what happens when you don't do inspiration posts for three months but keep saving looks meanwhile... A ton of pictures! Enjoy :)

Voici ce qui arrive quand je ne fait pas d'article inspiration pendant trois mois tout en continuant de garder les looks pendant ce temps... Une tonne de photos ! Enjoy :) 

A Walk in the Park

Southern California Belle_______________________________Xander Vintage

The Cocopolitan

We Wore What_______________________________Style Lust Pages

________________Atlantic Pacific_____________Le Happy________________Loving Evelyn______________Kier Couture

Black Beauty Bag

My Style Diary_______________________________Nachgestern ist vormorgen

______________J'adore Fashion_____________Keiko Lynn__________________Lilly Style_______________Nany's Klozet


Ring My Bell _______________________________Love Life Pearls

______________Damsel in Dior_____________Prissy Savvy___________The Brown Platform____________My Style Diary

A Walk in The Park

Garner Style  _______________________________Blake Von D

_____________Fashion Agony____________The Fashion Fanatic_____________Shia M______________Victoria Tornegren

KTR Style

Simply Cyn  _______________________________Simply Cyn

______________Pink Peonies_____________Spikes and Sequins___________Brooklyn Blonde_________Les Conseils de Scheena

Viva Luxury

The Golden Diamonds  _______________________________What Olivia Did

_____________Madga Sedgwick______________Fashion Hoax___________Kendi Everyday________________Hapa Time

My Silk Fairytale

Blog da Le   _______________________________Simply Cyn
_____________Bee's Wonderland____________Holy Nights_______________Loving Evelyn____________Curves and Curls

My Style Diary

The fashion Guitar   _______________________________Hoard of Trends

Walk in Wonderland

My Silk Fairytale   _______________________________Late Afternoon

________________Pale Division______________Kier Couture______________Pale Division_____________Black Beauty Bag

Spikes and Sequins

Spikes and Sequins   _______________________________ Spikes and Sequins



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4 Loving Words

  1. thanks baby

  2. Nice selection. I like it! I recently changed my phone and lost many contacts. If you still have my wa, feel free to write pls... Thanks sweetie. Kiss

  3. Loved running through the pictures, although I must say that it's turned out to be difficult just to choose a few favourites lol. They are all such beautiful looks.x

  4. Belle sélection, beaucoup de découvertes!


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