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Monday, October 20, 2014

It's that time of the month :D
For those who didn't know (yet), I created a monthly collaboration with lovely bloggers, in which we basically create an outfit based on a theme. (First post here)
The theme for this month was "Mixed Prints"
When I first picked these 2 items I wasn't so sure until I wore them, then I loved the combo!
I hope you like it as well :D

C'est cette periode du mois :D
Pour celles qui ne le savent pas (encore), j'ai cree une collaboration avec d'autres bloggeuses, ou en gros on cree une tenue en se basant sur un theme precis. (Premier article ici)
Le theme de ce mois c'etait "Combinaison d'Imprimes".
Quand j'ai choisi ces 2 pieces je n'etais pas vraiment sure jusqu'a ce que je les porte, apres ca j'ai adore la combinaison!
J'espere que vous aimez aussi :D

Blouse: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Hat: Forever 21
Heels: Ross

And as always, please check the other amazing ladies that participated in the challenge :)
I'll update my post with the links so you can come back to check it out :)

Et comme toujours, passez faire un tour sur le blog des superbes filles qui ont participe au challenge :)
Je mettrais a jour mon article avec les differents liens et donc vous pouvez revenir pour jeter un oeil a leurs articles :)



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15 Loving Words

  1. OOOOH I LOVE THIS LOOK! How can I join as well, for next month. I love blogger collabs.

    1. Thank you hun, emailed you a while ago about it! Maybe you missed it, I'll email you for the next one :) xx

  2. They all look great! I love that Mide Coker's look, but i think the link to her blog is broken. Can you pls fix it?

    1. Thanks! It's not broken, I'm just waiting for her to post so that I can add the link here :)

  3. wow looove the funky outfit! Really stylish :D...I really want to get involved with collabs like this, it looks like alot of fun... how can I do so? x

  4. Ooo nice ! I was just reading on Janet's blog about the collabo-(I'm a new follower) and I mentioned how I love how you and the other bloggers where daring with colour .

  5. Looks like we all incorporated black and white in our looks one way or the other lol Very cute look Diane! Love the print of the skirt....Looking forward to next months challenge! :)

  6. LOVE your style!!

    Chione XX

  7. looking good outfit!!

  8. I love this, your hair's so pretty in those twists. And that skirt, I actually thought it was a specifically tailored ankara print lol, would have never guessed F21 :) And I see that gorgeous nude pink lippie you're rocking. xo

  9. Your skirt is lovely Diane, I love that you went with a black and white top to go with it. I'm looking forward to the next collab.

  10. love it. esp the skirt

  11. This mix is cute. i was able to see other bloggers mix too

  12. One thing I love most about mixing prints is the risk involved, at first you might not be so certain but once you have it one, you just know you did something right. Nice combo.


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