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Sunday, August 31, 2014

             Prissy Savvy          |              Island Chic            |           Loving Evelyn         |       Suburban Faux Pas 

                        Spikes and Sequins                       \                                         Kenza Zouiten

              Brooklyn Blonde      |     Stephy's Pros and Cons   |            Aysstyle         |          Sirma Markova

                                  Late Afternoon                                 \                                     Le Happy

               J'adore Fashion      |          My Silk Fairytale     |          Viva Luxury          |     Have a Fashion Break 

 A Walk in The Park

 KTR Style                                     |                                   Victoria Tornegren

           Macademian Girl        |             Mod Fox            |              Mirror Me          |            Loving Evelyn

 Mochaccino Land                                   |                                   Macademian Girl

         My Showroom Blog     |       The Urban Umbrella   |       I Would So Rock This  |       Spikes and Sequins

The Cab Look                           |                                Pale Division

               J'adore Fashion      |     The Fashion Around    |          Bleed in Colors         |         Fabulously Pink

KTR Style



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4 Loving Words

  1. i visit most of this bloggers blogs and i love their style especially Islad chic

  2. Hello Diane, you've done a lovely style selection. Your blog is also nice.
    I start following on Hellocoton, if you want to follow me back ;-) Do not hesitate to have a look at my blog, I think some photos will delight you ;-) Eve XX

  3. I really love when you do this type of posts. It gives me a chance to discover new bloggers.


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