Big Baby

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Overall: Macy's
Heels: GoJane
Crop Top: Forever 21

I guess having more time isn't that bad since I keep posting in here :p 
I like the overalls, so much that I took them even though they're a bit (well maybe a lot) bigger. I didn't realize it was that big when I tried it in the store, but it actually is a lot baggy on me. That didn't stop me from wearing it as you can see haha. I paired it with this crop top that I love because of the prints. How do you like it?

Je suppose que le fait d'avoir plus de temps n'est pas si mal vu que je ne fais que poster depuis quelques jours :p
J'aime beaucoup cette salopette, si bien que je l'ai prise malgre le fait qu'elle soit un peu (beaucoup) grande. Je n'avais pas vraiment realise a quel point lorsque je l'ai essaye dans le magasin, mais elle est assez baggy sur moi. Ca ne m'a pas empecher de la porter comme vous pouvez le constater haha. Je l'ai porte avec ce crop top que j'aime beaucoup a cause des motifs. Comment vous trouvez?



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14 Loving Words

  1. I really like this look. Especially with the shoes :)

  2. Top ce look!

  3. love it so cute and comfortable!!

  4. Great paring with the crop top. Nice you see you posting more often

    1. Thanks hun!! I'm definitely inspired lately to post often haha :p

  5. Jolie j'aime ce look bisous :D

  6. I think it looks absolutely fine. Am yet to style my dungarees similar to this one u have on. X

  7. Très belle, j'aime ce look!!

  8. Love this outfit! One of my fave.


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