Dee-Crush n*11

Friday, March 07, 2014

                   Flashes of Style                |                   Paradox                   |                   Maddinka                   |                A Place To Get Lost

                      Done n Done                   |               Ring My Bell               |              Atlantic Pacific           |               Bon Baisers D'ailleurs

                 Preppy Fashionist           |             A Dancing Queen          |               My Blonde Gal             |               The Little Magpie

                  Slanelle Style                     |                   CoMonroe                |                Nany's Kloset              |                   Atlantic Pacific

                                                   What Olivia Did                                         |                                                       The Daileigh

                                                   Nany's Kloset                                              |                                                  Lola Mansil



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9 Loving Words

  1. These women have amazing style!! LOVE.

  2. So many bloggers, guess I'll be spending my Friday night reading each and every one lol. Have a great weekend.x

  3. Ouuuhhhh Love all of emmm <3

  4. I always love blog posts like these because that is exactly how I find new awesome blogs to follow as well.

    Maggie A

  5. so many inspiring outfits! i esp. love "what olivia did" outfit... simple & charming <3


  6. Wow I really like a lot of those bloggers! Thank you for introducing me to new ones- I always seek opportunity to find out new aspiring blogs to read! :)
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  7. LOVE the styles! Thanks for some new blogs! X

  8. Great post! So many awesome looks :) I'm already seeing quite some bloggers I haven't seen yet. So thanks for sharing!

    x Aurélie


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