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Saturday, November 30, 2013

If you’re getting married in San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair and get to be the best in the history of  San Francisco wedding photography.  If you’re not from  San Francisco or you’re not interested in flowers in your hair, it’s okay.  You can get married in  New York, that’s a concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there is no wedding you cannot do there.
Actually you can do it anywhere. Couples from all around the world are getting married and there are weddings from Mexico, USA and Europe that look all great but have different vibes and styles. The photographer can perceive meaningful connections between the bride and the groom, their parents or their friends and transcend it into a strong and beautiful picture and make it look perfect, as it is.
At the wedding emotions are displayed publicly and get captured by photographers, who with anticipation, skilled observation and talent make it possible to bag those feelings and events in images that later can refresh the moments and bring happiness to the couples, families, relatives and friends that have been at that special and magical celebration of two people making one of the greatest decisions of their lives. That’s why it is truly powerful what pictures can do to us, because the pictures of real moments enable people to re-experience them over and over again for a whole lifetime.
At the wedding, the bride and the groom should savor the juicy moment of it and let it be captured and transformed into an everlasting image that counts as a valuable memory.
Wedding pictures should always be of a high quality, making the marrying couples  and the celebration a part of an evolving and always different art.
Either your wedding is a traditional one with candles and white cake or it has a Harry Potter theme, that enforces a serious dress code with hats and wands, it has to look just the way you want it.  Every wedding is individual and it totally depends on how the atmosphere influences people to move, dance, kiss and hug. It all should be captured in the right moment.
Because love keeps us alive, the memory of celebrating it through a wedding it’s somehow vital. Of course we can breathe or do some other biological stuff without pictures, but what I’m saying is that the capacity of a photograph to keep the thrill and the shiver in it, it’s huge. This is why everyone at the wedding is so concerned about the looks, the groom has a perfect ironed suit and the bride’s hair and make up have no blemish. It cannot be the other way.
We can even consider the photographer, a magician, his camera and the light could be considered as the little fairies that make memories live forever and ever. This may be one of the reasons why you should feed the photographer.
We cannot live forever but we can make our best moments do so, by transforming them into material things like pictures that have a moral value.

Guest Post by Catherine Lavinia

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  1. great post dear! i love that wedding picture :)
    xoxo ♥

  2. great post.
    very beautiful picture.

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