It's my Birthday!!!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

So I couldn't wait any longer to give you more details :p
First of all, today is MY BIRTHDAY!!! :D
I am old you guys :/ TT_TT
And I am celebrating it in Las Vegas :D :D :D
I'll have a post with more pics soon, but for now I'll just show you a slight preview :)

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26 Loving Words

  1. Happy Birthday Diane!!!
    Wishing you many more years, have a wonderful one in Vegas...:)

  2. Oh wow Las Vegas, I wish to go there some day haha. Been loving the sneak peeks on Instagram, excited to see more photos. Have a great time and happy belated

  3. Happy birthday sweetie
    Have an awesome day
    And loads of fun!

  4. happy birthday, babe! can't wait to see the photos...

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  5. happy birthday sweetie encore une fois!! amuse toi bien!

  6. Looking forward to these photos!

  7. Wow, have an amazing time!! Happy Birthday my lovely :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  8. happy birthday! hope your day is amazing.

    Alicia / River City Chic

  9. Nice! How old did you become? I will guess... 22 on dos dos? Anyway, sounds like fun. You seem to really go out to nice places. I am sure you will take some great pics while there too. Like on the city streets, or something like that.

    1. Haha it's not far from what you guessed :p
      I tried my best to get some nice pics :)

  10. Happy Birthday Diane! Age is just another number. You get to be wiser and more opportunity to get better exposure! Have fun in Vegas! =)

  11. Happy Birthday Love!! :) well belate lol loving the vibe of your blog, you've just gained a new follower, definitely looking forward to your posts
    xo Rayann


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