Guest Post | No time like the present: why you might want to start buying your Christmas gifts now

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hey guys, today I am sharing with you this post written by Catherine Lavinia. Enjoy!

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Ask anyone to name the most stressful thing about Christmas and there's a good chance they'll say the shopping. The crowds, the hysteria, the endless in-store playing of the same five carols, and of course, the small fortune required all serve to sap a lot of the fun out of retail therapy.
Of course, it makes a difference if you're organised enough to get your gifts through online catalogue shopping sites like, but you may still be plagued by nagging concerns about the overworked Christmas postal service.
So, the solution some people have come up with to limit the strain on both minds and pockets is to get the shopping out of the way well in advance. These are the people that won't stop informing everyone that there are ‘only’ four months to go, expressing amazement that you don't yet have your children's stockings filled. If you're still recovering from Easter and haven't yet considered Halloween this can be a tad irritating, but do they have a point?
According to Wikihow's guide to avoiding last minute Christmas panic, four months early is too late. Their guidelines suggest that the best time to think about Christmas is immediately after the Christmas preceding, with everything that went wrong fresh in your mind. So the next year's list is made in January, with the main challenge being not to lose it. The next step is to target sales throughout the year, making sure you keep that awkward cousin's tastes in mind as you browse the high street discount rails.
Certainly all very sensible, but there are surely plenty of people who don't want to spend the whole year thinking about Christmas. We all love the anticipation and build-up, but allowing one day to dominate the year definitely adds strength to arguments that it has become ridiculously overblown.
Perhaps it's not about twelve months of obsession, but just thinking of others each time you hit the shops - after all, goodwill to all mankind is one aspect of Christmas we'd do well to remember more throughout the year. So if you have got a bit of cash left over from the summer holiday, it could be worth picking out a few choice presents early on. Premature perhaps, but chances are you'll thank yourself for the foresight come December!

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