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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Top: Romwe
Leggings: Gojane

Hey lovas! To be honest I wasn't sure about whether I would post this outfit or not, but oh well... I'll let you judge :p
This is my ultimate combo these past days, leggings and (usually a muscle) top. I don't like to wear leggings with short tops, I only do it when I know I'm not gonna go anywhere outside the house, and this is what happened that day!
I'm having quite a big leggings collection, I'll probably share it with you guys if you're interested :)

Hey lovas! Pour etre honnete, j'hesitais assez a poster cette tenue, mais bon... Je vous laisse juger :p
C'est ma combinaison ultime ces temps-ci, des leggings et un top. J'aime pas vraiment porter les leggings avec un top court, je le fais uniquement lorsque je sais que je ne mettrais pas mes pieds en dehors de la maison, et c'etait le cas ce jour la!
Je commence a avoir une un peu grande collection de leggings, je vous montrerais surement si vous etes interesse :)



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15 Loving Words

  1. j'adore ton legging Dee!!! et ta wig est trop cool!

  2. Lovely outfit! And i must say the Kingdom Hearts 2 theme goes well with your outfit posts lol.
    new post on my blog @ chiffon-cloud.blogspot.com

  3. Super cool pants.
    Love your top.


  4. I'd love to see your leggings collection and this is a very cute outfit to
    The Eye

  5. j'aime ton tee !
    bisous ma belle :D !

  6. Dope leggings!! Love them dearly! Great style!


  7. Oh those leggings are so hot and I love how you styled them!

  8. Hey,

    Nice post.would you like to follow each other.!!
    Keep in touch

  9. you rock those leggings hun and the top is awesome can I borrow it from you LOL is perfect for festivals

  10. cool leggings! u look so different with bangs & straight long hair!! like suddenly so demure :)


  11. great outfit! love ur leggings ♥

  12. Just realized you have bangs now! Looks good on you =)
    That pants you have is definitely cool. Great that you matched it with a plain color top. Definitely make you pants stands out even more =)

  13. Those leggings are awesome!x


  14. LOVING your legging and your hair my sweetest blog friend <3 <3 <3
    Love always,



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