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Monday, June 10, 2013

                                    Dress: Homemade                       |                    Dress: H&M                                 |   Crop Top and Pants: Forever 21

My outfit
Dress: Homemade
Belt: Asos
Shoes: Forever 21

So this is what my friends and I wore to a friend's birthday party last Saturday! I love my dress, got it from my mum who had it made all the way back in Ivory Coast! I just had to wear it :)
I love my friends' outfits that's why I add it here to show you guys, how stylish are they :)
Anyway, that was a fun night, filled with laughter, music and good times!



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19 Loving Words

  1. The print on your dress is wonderful. Love it.

  2. been waiting on you to post this! love the dress on you hun you rocked it and the colors are so vibrant. trust that yall had fun

  3. I absolutely love your dress Diane.


  4. Gorgeous dress. African prints are everything!
    Y'all look great.

  5. Looking amazing Diane!! Loving your dress and it looks great with those gorgeous colour popping shoes! Great photos sweetie :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  6. Love all your outfits, you're such a stylish group haha. Love that dress of yours tho, so colourful!xxx

  7. Non j'aime trop de la tête aux pieds en passant par les boucles d'oreilles tout est perfect!

  8. your outfit and the earrings all look nice x

  9. That's hot. Love the shadow cast off your first few photos!

  10. Love the print of the dress! Reminds me of home and your hair and shoes are gorgeous! xx

  11. j'adore!!! ta robe est super bien coupée! ça me rappelle qu'il me faut un pagne imprimé Kita !!!
    bisous :*

  12. Kente Cloth !! Lovin the look -- and the purple hair !!

    kouturekittenblog xx

  13. AMAZING complexion
    AMAZING dress
    AMAZING hair
    AMAZING shoes

    ............................Everything is amazing in this!!! WOW, girl!!

  14. I LOVE your dress!!! Its soo cute! Your friends look great too!

  15. u look amazing in this outfit! your frens are very chic too!


  16. Ta robe est juste une turie !!
    J'adore les imprimés !
    Vous êtes superbes les filles :)

  17. love the dress, can't believe you made it!

    Xo Courtney

  18. oh my goodness I'm so in love with your dress it looks gorgeous is so much fun love the colours and patterns and is so girly and can't believe you mom made it I want one too ;D

  19. I Love the dress
    That Outfit is simply amazing
    clap clap

    bises and follow back :)


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