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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hey guys how are you doing? I'm on summer vacation, so it feels so good to just relax, without thinking about any assignments or any exams :)
I just wanted to share with you some items that I have on my wishlist. Ever since I've been on vacation, I've been stalking different online stores trying to find new stuff to add to my already big enough collection haha
I've been wanting overalls or anything with suspenders for a while now so when I got to this site persunmall.com this is actually the first thing I checked and that caught my attention! Then I noticed that they have other good stuff, they even sell wedding dresses (we never know haha) --> long sleeve wedding dress

Anyway back to what I was saying, I created a mini-wishlist with some of their items that I liked, check it out :)

Cute Lace Over Hip Condole Belt Skirt | Shining Mint Suspender Skirt | Geometric Lattice Pleated Skirt


Monroe Smile White Chiffon Cotton T-Shirt | Fantastic Mushroom Cloud Print Vest | Cute Animal Head Print Round Neck T-Shirt

Cute stuff uh? I really love the 2 first on the list!
Anyway, if you want you can look on their website persunmall.com



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3 Loving Words

  1. je trouve les overalls jolis sur les autres personnes, mais moi quand je les met je trouve qu'ils ne vont pas, parce que j'ai une grosse poitrine, donc ça me fait toujours un effet bizarre, lol! Les t-shirts st beaux surtt celui avec le chat dessus!

  2. Love that Marilyn Monroe shirt. I know for a fact you should style all of these items.


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