Hey Bart

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Sweater: eBay
Skirt: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Loafers: eBay

Hi guys! I hope you are enjoying your week-end. I sure did because I've been lacking of sleep all this week so I was literally a walking zombie (eye bags and all... not pretty looking at all lol)
Anyway, I love this sweater!!! I know... Another item that you probably must have seen on one hundreds of blogger, but yeah... I couldn't resist haha
Wore it in a pretty simple and basic way. I hope you like it though :)

Hey les gens! J'espere que vous allez bien et que vous profitez de votre week-end. En tout cas moi oui parce que je manquais vraiment de sommeil cette semaine et donc je ressemblais litteralement a un zombie (avec les cernes et tout.. Pas vraiment joli a voir lol)
Bref, j'adore ce pull! Je sais... Vous avez du deja le voir sur une centaine de bloggeuse, mais bon... J'ai pas pu resister haha
Je l'ai porte de facon plutot simple et basique. J'espere que ca vous plait quand meme :)



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30 Loving Words

  1. I need this sweater! Its amazing<3 and I love your outfit!

  2. The Simpsons! Wow, I used to watch that show every week without fail! Hahaha.

    Cute sweater! :)

    1. Haha I know right, me too I love it!
      Thank you :)

  3. I love the sweater!!!!!

    alittlelarkspur.blogspot.com x

  4. Awesome sweater Diane, great look! :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  5. love that jumper! Simpsons!! Your hair looks really nice in a bun! xx

  6. tu es sublime, j'adore tes shoes et ton pull
    des bises

  7. Your sweater is all kinds of hotness, ship it to my address when done lol. You look so cute in that black and yellow ensemble.


  8. Il est génial ce pull Bart, j'adore :D

  9. OMG, Diane, that sweater is the cutest thing ever!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  10. I love it hun it looks so cool on you and specially with those spike shoes you rock hun and about the eye bags I have been walking like zombie these last days too ;(

  11. Love the sweater! It looks so cool :) I also like your hair in this one. The red in your hair makes the dutt special! :)

  12. you look very cute, lurv your sweater.

  13. this is so cute on you! love how you paired the bright yellow motif with black :)

    Metallic Paws

  14. Hie,
    Thank you so much for following my Blog, followed you too. Love your style, that jumper is awesome:)


  15. Hi lovely ! I would like to invite to have a look at my blog , I am currently hosting Jorge Bischoff luxury bag Giveaway ! Thank you so much in advance !

    XX Luba

    Well living Blog

  16. Nice outfit doll!*
    Love the sweater!*




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