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Friday, August 31, 2012

TGIF! I am so so so exhausted you can't imagine. School is not fun this semester :/ Too much stuff to do.
Anyway, I have two thing to share with you today. 
First, some pictures of what happened this month on instagram (@deevineanonyme

TGIF! Je suis trop trop trop fatiguee vous pouvez meme pas imaginer. L'uni c'est pas de la blague ce semestre :/ Trop de choses a faire.
Bref, j'ai deux choses a partager avec vous aujourd'hui.
Tout d'abord quelques photos de ce qui c'est passe ce mois d'Aout sur instagram (@deevineanonyme)

Then... Yesterday I went shopping with my friend and as always I ended up spending too much, I am happy but now I am broke :/
So, I wanted to share with you what I got! :)

Ensuite... Hier je suis allee faire du shopping avec une amie, comme d'habitude j'ai depense trop d'argent, contente mais maintenant je suis fauchee :/
Donc je voulais juste vous montrer ce que j'ai pris :)

More Jewelry :) Getting addicted to buy more and more :P

 I finally got a hold on floral pants! I was craving some for so long, I was so happy when I got those!
About the dress, I think I found my birthday dress :) I love it, so chic and pretty!!

 I really love the collar of this shirt!! There is a little cut out on the back but I forgot to photograph that :/

Finally I have my neon pants!!! I don't know why they look yellow-ish on this picture, they are more green-ish actually! Anyway, love them :) 

 More jewelry!!! :)

 I bought another denim shirt, the other one I had was not denim enough haha, I don't really know how to explain that. Let's say that I wanted something like this one!

 Got this shirt from the Men's side. I don't know why but I love Men's shirts!! Oversized and stylish!

Finally something camo! I am still looking for a jacket though. And another peplum dress, and neon shorts!!!

That's it! Can't wait to wear them and show you guys :)

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11 Loving Words

  1. Pas mal d'article ! On ne peut pas dire que tu ne t'es pas amusé hein ! Impatiente de rien voir touuuut ça en action, j'ai repéré des pièces que j'aime beaucoup !

    Bisous :-D

  2. tu as eu de belles choses Dee! j'aime trop les bijoux, le floral pants et la robe noire !

  3. Trop mimi ton sautoir Elephant ! Tu l'as acheté dans quel magasin stp ? ;)

  4. I love your nails so freaking much. I wish I could have mine like that as wel....!!!!!!!!!!
    These pictures are all so cute

    Love you

  5. J'adore !! Tes nouveaux achats sont canons !!!! :)


  6. la robe noir peplum et le pantalon jaune,j'aime trop

  7. Omg, i like all the stuff you bought! i cant wait to see them in your next post! follow me at instagram, @cutestprincess and i'll follow back for sure!

  8. I love following you on instagram hun love it and keep on posting instagram is so easy to use when we can not blog

  9. J'adore la jupe azteque et les bracelets !

  10. Tes ongles sont magnifiques, ton style il gère, tu es super jolies, et j'ai les mêmes sneakers que toi (:
    Gros bisous, & ton blog est génial ! :D


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