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Sunday, August 26, 2012

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(Top, Skirt and Belt: H&M)

Some people like wearing only black or dark colors, some people like boyish looks, others are more feminine and girly, some like colorful stuff (like me :P). I just think that as long as you feel comfortable in what you wear, you shouldn't be ashamed to wear it and shouldn't even care about what others think. I mean, whether you do good or bad people will always have something to say right? So why not simply do you :)
I used to only dream about some clothes because I was scared of what people might think of me if I wore them, and it really ruined some part of my life fashion-wise haha. With time I just learned to express myself and wear what I like and not what I thought people would want me to wear! And it's true not only in fashion  but in every situations.

This outfit makes me think of a sweet and fruity smoothie, hence the title lol

Certaines personnes aiment porter que des couleurs noires ou foncées, certaines personnes aiment les looks garcons manqué, d'autres sont plus féminins, d'autres aiment des trucs colorés (comme moi: P). Je pense que tant que vous vous sentez à l'aise dans ce que vous portez, vous ne devriez pas avoir honte de le porter et ne devriez même pas vous soucier de ce que pensent les autres. Je veux dire, peu importe que vous fassiez quelque chose de bien ou de mal les gens auront toujours quelque chose à dire non? Alors pourquoi ne pas simplement faire vous :)
J'avais l'habitude de ne rêver que de certains vêtements parce que j'avais peur de ce que les gens pourraient penser de moi si je les portais, et ca a vraiment "gâché" une partie de ma vie du coté de la mode haha. Avec le temps j'ai juste appris à m'exprimer et a porter ce que je veux et non ce que je pense que les gens voudraient que je porte! Et c'est vrai pas seulement dans le domaine de la mode, mais dans toutes les situations.

Cette tenue me fait penser à un smoothie doux et fruité, d'où le titre lol

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18 Loving Words

  1. This outfit is simply BEAUTIFUL :D Love your style and great ability to mix and match up to create the most amazing outfits <3 and that arm candy? YUM <3 Following you via GFC, hope you can follow me too and like me on facebook as well? <3 It would mean a lot to me (:

    Cindy C.

  2. J'aimeee toutes ces couleurs !


  3. You're right. I've learned to dress how I want, especially in college.
    Cool look. I love the colors and the shoes are very nice. Cute jewelries too.

  4. yey, this is one of your best outfit! i love the color block!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  5. I am very proud of you to have such positive mindset. It's is important to think that way when it comes to fashion. Who gives a shit about what others think. As long as you are happy about it, you would bring out that confidence in carrying that outfit you are wearing =)

  6. Aw this look amazing Diane!!! The colours are so striking and you have put them together perfectly! I am especially in love with your neon bracelets!! I am glad you now have the confidence to wear what you want to with out worrying what others think because you have a great sense of style :)

    Take care, Daniella xox

  7. Oh my gosh, cool outfit and colours :) Did I mention cool your banner is ;)!!

  8. Ces couleurs te vont trop bien :)

  9. I love the colors of ur outfit dear.. the shoes.. the! :D
    wud u like to follow each other? lemme knw :)

    Maybe you have time see my New post- Graduation Day and Blog Award

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  10. wow great shoes!
    lovely outfit!

  11. Nice color combination!!

  12. Your shoes are HOT!!!!! You look FABULOUS!
    xoxo Darby
    Obviously Obsessed 

  13. love this bicolor shoes!!! if you want we can follow each other? let me know ;)!


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