Tuesday, June 05, 2012

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(Aztec Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: Romwe | Collar Necklace: H&M | Shoes: eBay)

The other day I was thinking about why I love to wear bright colors so much. I know it started when I was able to choose my own clothes but I never really asked myself why. Or maybe I was just avoiding this question for some strange reason. Or maybe because I didn't know the answer back then. But after much thinking, I know that it was a way to express myself. It's kind of contradictory right? Why a shy person would wear bright colors which will obviously put the attention on her? Well, they screamed for me, all those things that people couldn't see about me because I was too shy to talk; they expressed my feelings, whether I was happy or mad at the world; they showed my personality, those things I was scared to express verbally, I expressed it with my clothes, and it ended up being a part of who I am.
Of course now I am a little more talkative, I don't need colors to scream for me anymore, but they are definitely a part of my personality.
Back to the outfit, this skirt is my new favorite, (well I love asymmetrical stuff as you may have noticed haha) I love the color, and it's so nice to wear too, especially when the weather is hot! Hope you enjoy it! :)

La derniere fois je reflechissais a pourquoi j'aime autant porter des couleurs vives. Je sais que ca a commence quand j'ai commence a choisir mes propres vetements mais je ne m'etais jamais vraiment posee la question. Ou peut-etre j'evitais de me poser cette question. Ou alors peut-etre que je n'avais tout simplement pas la reponse a la question. Mais apres reflexion, je sais que c'etait un moyen de m'exprimer. C'est assez contradictoire n'est-ce pas? Pourquoi une personne qui est timide porterais des habits avec des couleurs vives, qui vont forcement attirer l'attention sur elle? C'est tout simple: ces couleurs criaient pour moi, toutes ces facettes de moi que les gens ne pouvaient pas connaitre parce que j'etais trop timide pour parler; elles exprimaient mes sentiments, que ce soit quand j'etais heureuse ou quand j'en avais marre du monde entier; elles montraient ma personalite, ces choses que j'avais peur de dire, je les exprimaient avec mes vetements, et au final c'est devenu une partie de qui je suis.
C'est clair que maintenant je suis un peu plus bavarde, je n'ai plus besoin que les couleurs crient pour moi, mais elles sont sans aucun doute une partie de ma personalite.
Retour a la tenue, cette jupe est l'une de mes favorites, (bon j'aime tout ce qui est assymmetrique aussi haha) j'adore la couleur, et c'est tellement pratique a porter aussi, surtout quand il fait chaud! J'espere que ca vous plait! :)

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28 Loving Words

  1. Awesome! That's why personal style is about...expressing yourself through what you were. You definitely do that!

    I like the look, especially the red skirt! :)

  2. i love this <3 specially the skirt :)



  3. amazing skirt :) and thanks for the congrats!.. your outfit below looks great as well.. xx

  4. Les couleurs vives te vont à merveille !

  5. J'adore ! D'où vient cette jupe qui est superbe ? :)


  6. Ma copine, I want your skirt, shoes and top tooooo ;-) you look great!!


  7. I love your outfit, especially the skirt!

  8. Jolie tenue, j'suis devenu fan de ces jupe/robe asymétrique! j'aime bcp ton haut!

    xx :D

  9. Wow those shoes are amazing!!
    Lovely Outfit :)

    Claudia X


  10. "They scream for me." I love this! I often feel like this about my clothing choices. I'm so in love with this look, especially the color and those shoes! :)

  11. This is very cute. Nicely put.


  12. Je suis folle de ta jupe.

    La bise Audrey ;)

  13. I really like your skirt, I'm quite disappointed though because till this day I haven't yet found a pretty asymmetrical item that I really like and fits me like a glove. Soo saaad.
    You look Dee, btw who takes your photos? :)

  14. trop belle ma chérie! j'aime de la tête aux pieds!!


  15. trop belle! j'adore de la tete aux pieds!!

  16. nice post!


  17. I love this top! (I'm a patterns person) and that is the greatest benefit of fashion, the self-expression bit.

    Love from Jo'burg

  18. omg dee i finally found ur blog! im so excited.
    i love the outfit. pretty amazing.
    following your blog now
    check out mine

  19. Actually Dee I love your colours and the articles. Unfortunately, the shirt with the skirt doesn't make it on my sight. two loose articles don't make it right. Anyway, it's just a contribution. kiss


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