Nails: Polka Dots

Sunday, March 18, 2012

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So everyone know I love playing with colors in my outfits but the other part I don't show that often, is that I also love doing nail art!! Actually people following on my Instagram (@deevineanonyme) know that I post that quite often on there! I tried to show it in my outfits shots but most of the time it's pretty simple stuff, so I've decided to start showing it in different posts! :)
I basically spent all my night looking at those videos on Youtube to find new designs, and I've decided to do this one with the polka dots! It's simple but very pretty I think, I like the result even though it looks quite messy :S

Tout le monde sait que j'adore jouer avec les couleurs dans mes tenues mais quelque chose que j'aime beaucoup faire c'est le nail art! Les personnes qui me suivent sur Instagram (@deevineanonyme) le savent vu que j'en poste assez souvent dessus! J'essayais de montrer quelques fois dans mes posts sur mes tenues mais la plupart du temps c'etait assez simple, donc j'ai decide de commencer a les montrer dans des posts differents! :)
J'ai passe pratiquement toute cette nuit a regarder des videos sur Youtube pour trouver de nouveaux designs, et j'ai decide de faire celui la avec les pois! C'est assez simple mais joli je trouve, j'aime le resultat meme si c'est pas vraiment tres clean :S

Excuse the dry hands, I spilled the polish remover on them, hence the whiteness lol

Des Bisous

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20 Loving Words

  1. Cute design!

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  2. Pretty design! I like the green and white (Nigeria's flag colors) polka dots...haha.

  3. Love your nails!!!!! Amazing :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  4. these nails are adorable! I never have pacience to paint right hand and dry them. I always ruin polish :D. I wish I can as U

  5. Love those polka dot nails, so cute!!

  6. Joli nailart! Et tu as des ongles magnifiques.


  7. Very cute! love the green polka dots against a white background

  8. Is beautiful love it I also learn how to do it through youtube but now I don't have to do it anymore ;( but love yours and the colours are amazing dear kisses
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  9. gorgeous design!

  10. I love your blog! Following you now...

  11. Gorgeous nails!!! Love love!!!!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog! Hope you visit again soon! :)
    Following back! :D


  12. Merci pour ton commentaire, je suis toujours fasciner par les gens qui arrivent faire des trucs comme ça avec leurs ongles :)

  13. your nails look amazing, and your last outfit post is sooo cute love all the polka dots :) thanks for your sweet comments too sweetie, sorry i haven't been keeping up but i always read them :) ❤

  14. Wow I cannot believe you did that yourself!

    xo Jennifer


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