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Thursday, March 22, 2012

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(Shirt: H&M | Pants, Rings and Earrings: Forever 21 | Satchel: Target | Necklace: Charlotte Russe)

So this is the outfit I wore on Monday to school, (except at the end I decided to replace the heels by some black wedges) I'm in love with both the pants and the satchel! I Bought the satchel at Target after seeing Sheyla from Freestyle-Moda rocking it!!I'm so happy because I've wanted a neon satchel for so long and now I finally got them! The other thing I was craving was some mint pants and I was so ecstatic when I saw them at Forever 21! I bought them right away (even though they're kinda large on me, I don't care haha)
I'm still craving for some lighter colored pants, maybe a light pink or light blue, I'll creep the store this weekend if I can =)

C'est la tenue que j'ai porte le lundi pour aller a l'uni, (sauf qu'a la fin j'ai porte des compensees au lieu des talons) Je suis dingue du pantalon et du sac! Le sac je l'ai achete a Target apres avoir vu Sheyla de Freestyle-Moda le mettre et tout dechirer! Je suis contente parce que j'en voulais un depuis tellement longtemps et maintenant je l'ai finalement eu! L'autre chose dont j'avais vraiment envie c'etait un pantalon couleur menthe et j'ai ete toute excitee quand je l'ai vu a Forever 21, je l'ai achete direct (meme s'il est un peu grand, je m'en fiche haha)
J'ai toujours envie de pantalon de couleur plus clair, peut-etre un rose clair ou un bleu clair, j'irais peut-etre voir ce week-end si je peux =)

I actually wore this outfit in two different ways, one with this black shirt and another with a white blouse!
Which one do you prefer?

Des Bisous

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34 Loving Words

  1. oooo i like the outfit with both the black and the white


  2. so frech ,love so much the colors

  3. That satchel is screaming my name! lol

  4. Love this outfit sweetie! I love the colours that you have combined and especially with how those mint trousers look against those gorgeous blue heels. Also going a bit crazy for satchel right now! :D

    Take care,Daniella xox

  5. love all the brights in this outfit! :) the mint pants look great with the white blouse!

  6. Again, love your satchel, again lol :) And im assuming target is an american shop or something? :(

  7. ...such a pretty look! The mint colored pants and shoes are gorgeous! I also like the second look...! :)

  8. Love the colors!

    xo Ashleigh

  9. u look great those colors are everything!!

  10. This is absolutely GORGEOUS! I am IN LOVE!I prefer the white on mint. Very hot!

  11. loveeeeeeeee just ordered it...but not sure why it says yellow better be neon green lol

  12. love the bag with a passion

  13. I love both versions but white most because it's so fresh! I can't wait to get my neon turqoise pants from home :D

  14. J'adore ton pants et ton sac ! Faut absolument que j'aille à Target et à F21 un jour !!

    xo :)

  15. Those pants are great, I really like the pastel color :) and I like it with the white top :) <3

  16. wow! you look absolutely fabulous!
    lovin ur nails, the neon bag and ur fabulous pastel pumps
    Ginger and Lace

  17. Really love the color combination. It's just great :)
    Visit my page ig you have time. Thankyouu

  18. omg, i just found your blog, and i love it, you style is so yummmmm! just followed :D love this outfit, the mint color is soooo nice

  19. great mix of neons colors! the bow rings are sooo cute!

  20. Amazing ♥
    I'm in love with ur heels,wedges and nails *-*


  21. Ohh I love the white top! And that satchel is great :)

  22. your bag is soo cute!! Im in love with it!
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  23. SO in love with the satchel it's amazing! I love the outfit both ways, but I especially prefer it with the white blouse, great for the summertime!

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  25. Il est trop chouette ton blog, la souris se transforme en noeud!!
    J'aime bien les deux tenues, dur de choisir! Le pantalon te va super bien, la couleur fait printemps!
    Et j'adore ta bague noeud! et le sac néon aussi <3

  26. to me, the first one is best! and i lovve those pastel blue shoes! and thanks too sweetie <3

  27. I love this look dear you totally know how to rock neon and pastel colours together im going crazy about your light blue heels and satchel they are totally a must have this spring love it and I love the 2 loos with white and black shirt u are gorgeous kisses

  28. you look so pretty, I just love the bow rings.

  29. WOW WOW WOOOOOW j'adore, parfaite ! :o

  30. je prefere le look avec la chemise blanche


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