Grammy's 2012: My favorites from the Red Carpet

Sunday, February 12, 2012

You might know the Grammy Awards were today, I always love to watch the red carpet because you get to see the celebrities in those amazing dresses!
I wanted to show my favorites!!

Rihanna in Armani___________________________________________________Adele in Giorgio Armani

Kelly Rowland in Alberta Ferreti___________________________________________________KKelly Osbourne in Tony Ward

Carrie Underwood in Gomez-Gracia___________________________________________________Taylor Swift in Zuhair Murad

Kate Beckinsale in Zuhair Murad___________________________________________________Alicia Keys in Alexandre Vauthier

Katy Perry in Ellie Saab

I love all those dresses but I have to say my absolute favorite was Rihanna! It's true that the dress is a lot open and stuff, but only her could pull this off! She is gorgeous and looks stunning in this dress, it's just flawless in my opinion!! I love Adele's dress also too! She was shining during the show!

I didn't like Nicki Minaj outfit AT ALL, she was too extra but then, that's what basically makes her so that's not really surprising haha 

Nicki Minaj in Versace

And as a crazy Rihanna and Coldplay fan, I couldn't not show you this performance they had, first Rihanna, then both, and finally Coldplay  (for those who didn't see it). I just love those two you can't imagine! Haha I'll stop now, enjoy :)

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19 Loving Words

  1. nicki's performs was crazy too!! thanks for the comment.. x

    1. Yeah that was definitely crazy haha! You're welcome :)

  2. Merci :) !!! J'adore les tenues de Rihanna (même si c'est assez découvert), Adele et Alicia Keys ! Et évidemment 100% fan de "Princess Of China", étant fan de Coldplay et Rihanna également !


  3. taylor swift looks so gorgeous in that dress!!!


  4. I really like the creation by Giorgio Armani. He make elegant dresses definitely.
    The dress on Kelly Rowland by Alberta Ferreti is so pretty too! Which is your favourite?

    1. I love the way Rihanna looks in that Armani dress! But I love Adele's dress too!!

  5. adele is soooo beautifull! :)

  6. La plupart d'entre elles étaient dans des tons nudes, pastels ou noir! On va dire que c'est la nouvelle tendance! j'ai bcp aimé celle de 1- Kelly Rowland, 2- Katy perry et sa coiffure démentielle (waouw!), 3-Carry Underwood, 4-Adele, 5 - Kate beckinsale. Bizarment je trouve Riri un peu "vulgaire" a coté de celles que j'ai cité (ce n'est que mon impression et avis, dslé les fans inconditionnées!)

    1. C'est vrai que la robe de Rihanna est assee osee et c'est pas tout le monde qui peut vraiment porter ce genre de robe, justement avec son physique et tt je trouve qu'elle a quand meme geree! xo

  7. I thought Adele looked absolutely beautiful last night, and I was so proud of her. Kelly Osbourne's dress is beautiful and sparkly. A lot of gorgeous, glamourous fashion on the red carpet last night!

    - Shannon

  8. gotta say, rihanna's look won me over hands down, no contest! haha :) and thanks for your sweet comment of course, you rock! :)

  9. I love Adele! she's so pretty and amazing! such an artist! Lav yah dear!

  10. Rihanna est juste sublime dans cette robe.


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