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Thursday, December 29, 2011

(Sweater: H&M | Necklace and Leggings: Versace For H&M)

So this morning a package came for me, and it was the stuff I ordered from H&M at least 2 weeks ago! The Versace for H&M necklace and leggings! I was lucky enough to snatch them before they ran out of stock! Totally love both, especially the necklace! Do you like it?

Ce matin une de mes commandes est arrivee par la poste, et c'etait celle faite sur H&M il y'a au moins 2 semaines! Le collier et les leggings de la collection Versace for H&M! J'ai eu assez de chance pour pouvoir les commander avant qu'ils n'en aient plus en stock! Ca vous plait?

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20 Loving Words

  1. Love love love the necklace !

  2. I'm loving that necklace!! Such a statement piece!

  3. Ooo-la-la!! Lucky you for being able to snatch it before anyone else! The necklace is super cool!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Year 2012 to you! =)

  4. They both look so good on you! especially the necklace such a cool eyecatcher! :)

  5. I love your tights and that necklace is gorgeous.


  6. Super in love with those leggings!!! I loveeee this look Diane!! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  7. that necklace...I almost died oh my goodness it is amazing what a statement piece can you say fierce!


  8. Great look! And your necklace is awesome:)

  9. no,no,no,no...u have THE necklace!
    too cute,and i hate the facet that am very far.
    Looks beautifula and the leggings suit u perfectly too.

  10. the whole collection is a little bit weird for me, but I love how you paired this leggings, since they're a bit hard to pair! But I love the necklace!
    Dolly, xo
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

  11. Cute! I especially love your necklace doll ♥

  12. Jolie tenue, j'aime ton collier !!

    Bisous :D

  13. so beautiful i love the choker x


  14. C'est assez osé le Choix du Legging..mais j'aime bien! On essaye de nlles choses!!

  15. love it!!!those leggings are aweessssssoome!!!
    new follower!!



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