Noel In Berlin

Thursday, December 22, 2011

So Christmas is coming and I felt like doing an article about how it it is Berlin. I've lived for more than 6 years in this city and I can honestly say that Christmas time is by far my favorite time of the year here! Everything just look beautiful and magical! Like a dream... I love the decorations, the lights, and especially the Weichnachtsmarkt ("Christmas Market") ! This is amazing, all the stands, the Glühwein (Some kind of hot wine), the little things you can only buy during Christmas.. I think I'll stop there, I might as well write a book about how much I love this city haha :)
Anyway, I just wanted to share some pictures I snatched since I arrived, show you the decorations, the lights, etc. I hope this will put some warmth and happiness (because that's what Christmas is about... Celebration!) in you!
Much Love,

Noel approche a grand pas et je voulais faire un article sur comment ca se passe ici a Berlin. J'ai vecu un peu plus de 6 ans ici et je peux dire avec toute honnetete que la periode de Noel est ma periode preferee de l'annee! Tout ici est juste magnifique et magique! On se croirait dans un reve... J'adore les decorations, les lumieres, et surtout le Weihnachtsmarkt ("Le Marche de Noel") ! C'est totallement incroyable, tous les stands, le Glühwein (Du vin chaud), tous les petits trucs que tu peux acheter que pendant cette periode.. Je crois que je vais m'arreter la, sinon je risque d'ecrire un livre ici haha :)
Bref, je voulais juste partager quelques photos que j'ai prises depuis que je suis arrivee, pour vous montrer un peu les decorations, les lumieres, etc. J'espere que ca mettra de la chaleur et de la joie (parce que c'est ca Noel... Celebration!) en vous!
Beaucoup d'amour,

This one is my favorite of this year! It is beautiful and very impressive!

Celui la c'est mon prefere de cette annee! Magnifique et impressionnant!!

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12 Loving Words

  1. What amazing pictures,i wish my town looked like this at Christmas!!! :)

    Take care and Merry Christmas,Daniella xox

  2. Wow amazing photos and I can imagine just how beautiful everything is there. The train (thingy) is so well thought haha.

    Merry Christmas!xx

  3. Hi! These pictures are so nice. I'm jealous of you being in Berlin! I've only been to Germany once and I loved it. (:

    By the way, I love all of your outfits! They're so cute and they're very acceptable in normal settings. It's not like they're all so fancy where you wouldn't know where to wear them. Great job!


  4. Oh wow! I definitely would love to visit Berlin over the holidays! These shots are gorgeous. I especially love that blue bell shaped Christmas Tree
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  5. C vraiment trop beau....Profites-en !!

  6. It really is amazing.. Thank you girls ♥

  7. these decorations are so beautofull!!! I wish You all the best, my Dear :*:*

  8. Looks so lovely, the christmas market at the Gandarmenmarkt is beautiful too! Lovely pictures :)

  9. I really enjoyed these photos love! They transport me


  10. Thank you girls!
    @Justyna thank you beautiful <3

  11. woaw c'est super joli toutes ces lumieres! j'adore!


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