Stripes And Yellow

Thursday, October 13, 2011

(Top and Tights: Romwe | Shorts: H&M | Shoes: Ross)

I hope everyone is doing okay! I'm still sick but I'm getting a lot better, the weather here also is getting a lot better, apparently the sun is "back" so hopefully I'll be healed quickly :)
I love this top from Romwe because it's different, and I paired it with my yellow shorts because I do think that yellow and stripes go pretty well together! Hope you like it :)

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14 Loving Words

  1. Ahww I wish you get well soon ^^ lovely outfit :) like the shorts ^^

  2. so cute dear as always. i love the last pic! so artistic!!

  3. Love the combination D. You look so pretty as always and get well soon!xxx

  4. You look so cute..



  5. So lovely ! I love ure top , You look amazing - as usual !!

    Bisou , Riim

  6. Cute look Diane! (as usual) lovely shoes!!!

  7. I've just been introduced to Romwe and its sick how much cool stuff they stock huh? Really adorable outfit you have on here =) That yellow looooooks soooo good on your skin tone =)


  8. Love your outfit! :)

    P.s. U are welcome to check out my fashion blog anytime!

  9. Mellow yellow shorts and stripes make a great pair! you look super comfortable and fun :D


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