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Sunday, October 09, 2011

(Cardigan: H&M | Shorts: Tally Weilj)

New word to describe me at the moment. Sick. Guess what's responsible for that --'
I guess the sun must have had mercy on me because it shines a little bit more than 2 days ago, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm sick =/
Anyway new ootd for you guys. I don't know why I always love to wear lace when I''m wearing this cardigan, it adds more sweetness I think (or maybe I'm crazy lol) and I wore those lovely shoes I bought in a local store in Berlin. Hope you like it!!!
btw sorry if I look like I've worn 5 shirts under the cardigan, I just didn't care at that moment, I just wanted it to be comfy :$)

The winner of my giveaway is...

Riim!! I already sent you a mail about it. Thank you to the girls who participated, no worries this is surely not the last one I'm doing =)

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19 Loving Words

  1. Your cardigan is ultra adorable - may I have your shoes please ;) Lovely look!

  2. Gorgeous outfit ! I love ure cardigan !
    And Hurraaay ; I'm so happy thank you sweetie :)<3

    Bisou , Riim

  3. I like the detail on the shorts! xx

  4. I love this preppy sweet look babe! Adorable cardigan too! :)

  5. aww, thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! i'm in love with the nude colour combo and your tattoo looks awesome :)

    x. Jenn

  6. ohhhhh gorgeous Outfit my Love love your heart cardigan I think I have to run to H&M to get one like your is so cute and with the lace shorts u give the cuteness to this look u are wonderful dear looking splendid as always muak

  7. By the way I hope u get better and keep inspired uss big kiss and hugs xXxx

  8. Oh I want those shoes! <3 Your sweater is lovelu!

  9. Cute mixing of patterns! When I'm sick I love to be cozy too. During the fall/winter I also get colds easily.

    I hope you get well soon :)

    Where did you get your lace shorts from? I'm looking for a pair of those in white I think they're super adorable.

  10. Thank you all so much, it really makes me feel better to read from all of you!
    @Veronica: I would LOVE to see you in that cardigan, I'm pretty sure you will rock it!!!
    @Sheyla: I bought my shorts in Berlin, in a local store :$ but I think you can buy them online!

  11. it's fall's version of You I love! Co cute!!

  12. You look too cute in this outfit. Looove the cardigan and shorts, you right the lace on those shorts add some sweetness/feminity to the entire look. Love it:)))

  13. Cute <3 ^^ love the shorts ^^ i hope you get well soon ^^ and congrats to the winner, ^^

  14. I love the brown hearts in that sweater and those cheetah oxfords--very fun :D


  15. u look amazing,in love with the cardigan! awesome blog, check me out sometime.xo


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