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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hey dolls! Hope you're all doing well! Here the sun is shining, it feels so good even though sometimes I feel like I'm in an oven haha! This is an outfit from last week (I think) that I didn't post, nothing here is branded except the tights from H&M and the top from Pimkie (that I got a long long time ago). I like those boots! I was quite hesitant when I saw them at first because they're pink (--'), but I tried them and they're super comfy!!! Hope you like it! :)

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13 Loving Words

  1. Love your aztec top Dear this look is gorgeous love ur boots they are stunning the color is so great I just found something similar in New look gorgeous kisses

  2. cute as always...i love the details of the tops and the!!amazing! i don't know if i would have the courage to wear them one day!!! kisses girl!

  3. love this loook :))) you're so prettyy

  4. @Veronica: Thank you darling <3

    @Ghis: Merci cherie! Why wouldn't you wear it! I think you can rock it ever more than I do!! Bisous!

    @Salue: Thank you sweetie!!

  5. Loving the prints on your the color!!

  6. wow!!!my lovely!!!Beautiful<333

  7. Hi lovely ,beautiful look!
    I follow you, too!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  8. I like! very interesting!
    I have a GREAT GIVEAWAY ,and a new post outfit on my blog! I invite you to come and see for MIRIAMSTELLA'S BLOG ! i wait for you!


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