Halloween :D

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween dolls!!!! How is your Monday going so far? I personally hate Monday, I never want the week-end to end, and I don't want to go to school either :/ haha
Anyway, since today it is Halloween, it quite funny to see people in costume on the street! I went to a Halloween party on Saturday with my friends, I don't have a proper outfit picture for you guys, but I wanted to show you a couple of pictures! I was kind of a dark fairy/ witch and I had wings even if we don't really see them on the pictures :/
What did you do for Halloween or what do you plan to do?

Joyeuse fete d'Halloween !!! Comment se passe votre lundi? Personnellement je deteste lundi, parce qu'il faut aller a l'uni :/ si le week-end pouvait ne pas s'arreter haha
Bref, vu que c'est Halloween aujourd'hui c'est marrant, ya des gens deguises a chaque coin de rue! Moi j'ai plutot celebree Halloween le samedi, mais j'avais pas vraiment un costume, j'etais une sorte de mauvaise fee/ sorciere! Je voulais vous montrer quelques photos!! J'avais des ailes mais on les voit pas sur les photos :(
Et vous, vous avez fait quoi pour Halloween? Ou vous comptez faire quoi?

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15 Loving Words

  1. Oh I love your Halloween costume!! Really awesome blog. Especially the header is so cool:) Follow you now. Watch out my blog and follow if you like :) XOXO


  2. Girl, I like your makeup so much :) In Poland Halloween is not already our tradition, but some are organising parties. Today im staying home relaxing after 2 hour of washing floors :D

  3. Great pictures Diane!!!! You look amazing!!!!

    Daniella xox

  4. I love the pictures!! Guess you´ve had a lot of fun :)


  5. @look-scout: thanks a lot!! Yes I had a lot of fun!

    @Justyna: thank you my love, if you love it I'm happy! Hope you enjoyed your relaxing moments :D

    @Interwebs Fails: Happy Halloween!!! :D

    @Daniella: Thank you so so much !! :))

  6. Je ne célèbre pas Halloween, mais bon j'm bien ce que vs portez, et le make Up Noiiir J'adore!!!


  7. I love the face art...especially because it goes on all the way to your stockings. You look good=D

  8. @Flora: Merci cherie!

    @Daisy: Thanks so much, that's lovely of you =D

  9. I don't like Monday either, just like you! LOL!! We don't celebrate Halloween here but last Saturday I was out with friends to the club and there was a Halloween party. I saw many people were out with their costumes though. Hope you had fun last Saturday =)

  10. very cute! u guys look great!




  11. @Diva In Me: I had a blast on Saturday!! Hope it was your case too!!

    @Dawn: Thank you so much :)

  12. you ladies all looked so hot this halloween, loving the kitty costumes and the makeup!

    fab colors too you all are beautiful :)


  13. it looks like you had an awesome halloween party sweetie kisses

  14. jolis costumes! toutes mimi! bsx


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