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Thursday, September 29, 2011

(Blouse and Necklace: Forever 21 | Shorts and Ring: H&M | Shoes: Ross)

How are my dolls doing? I'm so overwhelmed with all the exam I have this week, but I hate not to spend more than 2 days without blogging so I had to post an outfit for you guys! In this one I'm wearing my favorite blouse from F21 with those simple shorts! I love them, they're so comfy, and they're blue!! (crazy color-holic haha) I wore them with those original heels! Hope you like it! :D

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15 Loving Words

  1. Lovely as always! :) and OMGGG THE PANDA NECKLASE! So cute! :) Ohw and good luck on the exams ^^

  2. Innovative title post!

    I love the sheer look. :)

  3. Hi my name is Natalia, I love your blog, whenever I see your beautiful looks. I have a blog and want to know if I can make a poster with some of his looks and a short interview?
    Congratulations on the lovely blog!

  4. Thank you girls! <3

    @Natalia: Wow, of course you can do it, I will be extremelly honored! Send me an email with your questions! (


  5. omg that panda chain! so freaking cute :P


  6. I'm blueholic as you :D. I love your shorts and necklace, my beautiful!

  7. oh the shoes! I love ruffles. But don't they slide out when you walk? like if you lift your leg up dont they slip out a lil?

  8. Your look is absolutely fantastic, love it dear !

  9. Thank you loves ♥
    @Esther: They're totally stucked in the shoes so they don't move at all! :)

  10. You have such a pretty face, and you definitely make the outfit look more glamorous, just cannot see enough from your accessories
    romwe streetfashion blog,pay a visit?kisses

  11. I love your panda necklace!! So cute! :) x

  12. unique shoes and necklace :D
    thank you so much your amazing comments in my blog honey! you're so kind to me :):):)


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