Holy Stripes!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

(Shirt: Old | Maxi dress used as a skirt: H&M)

Only 3 weeks after school started and I already wanna be on vacation :/ Anyway I got the best gift ever today (even though my b'day is in one week ^^) but you'll have to be patient, I won't show it to you until my b'day arrives :)
Back to the outfit, this one is quite simple, I just wore a shirt I had for quite a time, and paired it with my striped skirt which is actually a dress!

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10 Loving Words

  1. This skirt is hypnotizing!(I won't guess that it's dress or I'd just say that it is dress as one piece with shirt as top). And I'm waiting for your day ^^. Kisses, Beautiful! :*

  2. loving this look I really thought it was a skirt love it dear one week more for your birthday yeahhhhh <3

  3. I love the combination between a long skirt and a more revealing top! absolutely sassy:X you made me curious about your present:D Happy birthday in advance and looking forward to seeing brighter colours, they flatter your skin! kisses:***

  4. lovely hair,
    come, comment or maybe you can follow if you like :)


  5. Nice skirt! and u are so cute! :)

  6. ohhhh i loveeeeeeeeeeee it girl the maxi dress i love!!!!

  7. Oh I understand why you wanna be on vacation - same as me :(

    This skirt looks good on you :) unfortunately I can't wear such long skirts, I'm toooo tiny lol

    xo, http://lovelymuffin.blogspot.com

  8. gorgeous look the T and the Maxi are fab together x


  9. I am so going to try to pair a maxi dress with a graphic tee because its brilliant. Your gorgeous girl :)


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