Heart and Lace

Saturday, September 03, 2011

(Cardigan: Top: thrifted | Shorts: Tally Weilj | Shoes: Ross)

Hi dolls! Well I told before that I wasn't in the greatest mood but I'm really feeling better thanks to somebody very important to me! Anyway, I was still in my all-black mood for my outfits but wanted to add a little bit of brightness, that's why I added the heart-patterned cardigan! And I combined it with my favorite lace shorts :) It's quite cute and romantic right? haha :) 

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18 Loving Words

  1. Love the heart cardi!!


  2. It really is cute :D , J'adore vraiment ce look , surtout the cardigan , It's full oàf love ;P <3

    Bisou :x

    Doudinou <3

  3. @sandra: Thanks a lot!

    @jen: Glad you love it :)

    @doudinou: merci ma puce c'est gentil <3

  4. Such a cute heart cadigan can't believe u found it at a thrift, I need to hit some up.

  5. I love your earrings! :)
    You look really pretty!



  6. That cardigan is sooo cute, lovely outfit =) Very nice blog, if you want we could follow each other, let me know if you follow my blog and I will surely follow back ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  7. So cute. I love the hearty cardi.
    Glad you are feeling better now:Dxx

  8. j'aime ta nouvelle bannière so great et surtout ton blog prend de l'envol on dirait...je ne le reconnait plus mais je l'aime encore plus...je devrais bientôt faire comme toi.attendons juste de finir les compos...des bisous

  9. @Tyne, Antonia, Vale: Thank you very much girls, I'm glad you like it! Vale I already followed you :)

    @Esther: You're so adorable ma cherie thanks a lot!

    @Ghis: Merci cherie, ca fait plaisir de savoir que mon blog est apprecie! Je fais de mon mieux en tout cas! Et le tien est super aussi :)

  10. Thanks for your lovely comment and for following my blog ! Following back :-)

    Fashion and Cookies

  11. Ohhhhh I love this black and white combo very cute girl! Loving that cardigan :P


  12. oh dear... I missed it on LB! And your pullover is so cute! Can I take it from U?:D. And don't cover your lips, cause they are worth more notice thanks to bold wine-red lipstick, I think (will U try it for me:D?)

  13. @Belle: Thank you very much! :)

    @Vale: Thank you :)

    @Daisy: You're the sweetest! Thank you <3

    @Justyna: My love I would gladly love to give it to you :) And I will also gladly try the red lipstick just for you <3

  14. I TOTALLY ADORE THIS OUTFIT DEAR STUNNIG AND SO ROMANTIC WITH YOU LACE SHORTS and I gonna buy a heart cardigan as well u inspired me u are so stylish big kisses for my SWEETHEART

  15. Aw love you are amazing! You can't imagine how honored I am to know that I inspired you! You seriously are the best girl I ever met on lookbook! Much love <3


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