Rainbowed: Black

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Hi dolls! So I told you I had some projects I was working on for the blog and here is one of them! You all know how much I love colors and I wanted to try something new and fun so I got this idea: At least each week, I'll choose a color and my outfit and make-up will be based on it! There will at least one item with the color (it can be top, bottom, shoes, accessories but it can be everything also!
So the first color for my Rainbowed Project is: BLACK!

Why did I choose black as my first color? As I said in my previous post, I haven't been in the greatest mood lately, but I'm not the kind of person who'll stay moaning uselessly so I'll get over it (I always do ^^)
When I feel bad I don't feel like wearing bright colors so that's kinda why my outfit is all black haha! Added to that I had a sore throat, that's why I wore a scarf!

Hope you'll enjoy it anyway! Thank you again for all the sweetness and support! Tell me what you think about this idea!

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9 Loving Words

  1. love your lipstick, this look really suits you!:) thanks for your sweet comment xxx


  2. I love your outfits :) you look absolutly gorgeous ♥ i love your hair :)

    foloowed :)

  3. @ronan: you're welcome and thank you!

    @sabrina: thank you gorgeous ♥

    @sara: Thank you so much! It means a lot ♥

  4. Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!

  5. Hi babe, Thank you for visiting my blog! :)
    Great outfit btw :)

    Care to follow each other?

  6. great outfit and photos! you are so pretty! great blog. :)


  7. LOVE the black lipstick!



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